We are just 3  friends with a common love for books. We met online about two years ago and discovered we shared some similar book tastes and not only. Ever since that moment we haven’t stopped chatting – those chats being about books, movies, music and other subjects. What we love about our little group is that even if at times we love the same books, more times than we can remember our opinions differ, and we like to discuss/debate on what worked and didn’t work for each  of us.

The reason why we decided to start a blog is to help both readers and writers alike. We’ve already been reviewing for other book reviewing platforms, such as Goodreads, and we’ve noticed not everyone gets a fair shot. We want to help all writers from published to new indie authors with sincere and HONEST reviews.


Other things to know about us?!

Peanut Butter is the Devil . . . says Jay . . .the other two eat it right out of the jar.

We love wine!!! Although some prefer Vodka . . . We’re looking at you Andra.

We love traveling – the beach is where it’s at.

We love great romance stories and not only, but give us a dark, mysterious hero and we’re fighting over him – usually M’s the victor.


If you love chatting books as much as we do, feel free to look us up on Facebook or Goodreads and while you’re there give us a ‘like’, who knows, it might help a reader or writer with their next read or book.



Jay, Andra and M



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