REVIEW – “Sugar Rush” (Offensive Line #2) by Tracey Ward

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Colt Avery is on fire. Dubbed one of the NFL’s best kept secrets, he’s in the spotlight for the first time in his career. Women want him, coaches are courting him, and his Kansas cornfield good looks are too good not to be shared. His face is everywhere; TV, magazines, billboards. The entire world is in love with him. Everyone wants a piece of him.

Everyone but Lilly Hendricks.

Lilly grew up in L.A. where pretty faces are a dime a dozen. She’s seen first hand what happens when you get swept up in the whirlwind of fame and fortune; you get dropped on your ass, and there’s no one there to help you up. She stays away from the flashbulbs, avoiding the limelight, perfectly content to be recognized for her cupcakes and her karaoke skills, nothing more.

But Colt isn’t easy to say no to, especially when he refuses to go away no matter how many times Lilly tells him to. He’s addicted to her baking. To her beauty. To her bark that’s almost as sexy as her bite, and he’s not going anywhere until she gives him a chance. No matter what it costs him.

Fame is a rush, but falling in love?
That sh#t is sweet as sugar.


sasha's review

You know when you were a kid and a new toy came out you begged, pleaded and could hardly wait to get your hand on it?! Tracey Ward’s books are like that for me.
Every time I hear she’s writing a new story I am on the edge of my seat waiting for that option to ‘1-click’. It’s my Christmas morning.

When I finished Rookie Mistake I immediately wanted the next book in the series. It was that good. And I can safely say that Tracey Ward has done it again with Sugar Rush.

We meet our hero and heroine and just from that first interaction you know it’s going to be a fun ride. photo racks.pngLilly and Colt just click; their banter is hilarious, the attraction immediate and the sexual tension could be felt through each word. Every scene with them was, not to sound cheesy, magical.

Colt with his smirk and fantastic one-liners was the perfect balance to Lilly’s sarcastic, guarded persona. photo tiramisu.pngIf you’re worried about insta-love, don’t be. Tracey is the master of the slow burn and makes our characters get to know one another first and that is one of my favorite things about her writing. This is a true love story and shows nothing but two big hearts falling in love. Anticipation is half the fun, don’t you think?

Ms. Ward also brings back characters from the previous book and it was so fun to see them all. There are some great stories to be told with these guys and I am counting down the days until I can get my hands on them.

But I need an honorable mention of Rona. She is Lilly’s best friend and added so much hilarity to the story. I loved that girl. I’m hoping she’ll be featured in later books *hint, hint Tracey*

You can’t have a sports romance without some action scenes and Ms. Ward incorporates that into the story flawlessly and had me actually wanting to attend a game and if you knew me you’d know that’s a big deal. I would gladly rock a Kodiak jersey (if they existed) and would cheer those boys on wholeheartedly.

If you’re looking for a fun romance with a little angst, hilarious banter and lovable characters then Sugar Rush and the whole Offensive Line series is for you. I’m sad to say goodbye to Lilly and Colt but can’t wait for the next one. 5 Stars! photo perfect.pngred 5 star



The Offensive Line Series

 photo 29058057.jpgTrey Domata is the next big thing in football. A quarterback with a cool head, smoldering eyes, and a cannon for an arm, he’s collected awards, trophies, and hearts across the country. He’s on every girl’s mind. Every coach’s dream sheet. Every agent’s wishlist.

Including Sloane Ashford’s.

Sloane grew up at her father’s side in the Ashford Agency. He built the company from the ground up, representing some of the biggest names in sports, and now Sloane is determined to find her place among its top agents. She’s got the knowledge, she’s got the drive, and if she can land Trey, she knows she’s got her ‘in’.

But it’s hard to keep your eyes on the prize when the sweetest, sexiest smile you’ve ever seen is constantly on your mind. When the hottest hands in the nation are in your hair. When you’re whispering the name that thousands of fans are screaming at the top of their lungs.

Sleeping with a client is a mistake, but falling in love with him?
That’s some rookie sh#t right there.



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I was born in Eugene, Oregon and studied English Literature at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) My husband, my son and my 80lbs pitbull are my world.



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