BLOG TOUR – “Feisty Princess” by Michelle A. Valentine

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I’m fucked. 
She tempted me—screwed with my head—and gained the upper hand. 
She’s the enemy. 
I can’t forget that. 
My weakness jeopardized my company. 
The Feisty Princess of Manhattan will not win this war. 
No matter how fantastic her lips felt around my cock.

Book two in a three part erotic romance series. Super naughty new series From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Michelle A. Valentine (Rock the Heart, Phenomenal X, Demon at My Door).


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After a change of clothes at Alexander’s apartment, I’m heading back down the stairs. Hopefully, we make it to the event this time. I glance at my phone before dropping it into my clutch. We’re running extremely late.

When I meet Alexander in the foyer, he takes my hand. The warmth of his fingers curled around mine feels so intimate. I’m not sure what in the hell happened between us back in that limo, but it’s more apparent to me now that keeping things strictly business between the two of us is impossible. Something just happens when we’re together. There’s a pull—a connection—I don’t understand, and I’m pretty sure Alexander feels it too. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have allowed himself to end up married to me, causing himself a whole lot of grief in the process. He’s too smart for that, which is how I know the brain behind that beautiful face of his isn’t making the decisions when it comes to me.

I glance down at our hands as we make our way outside to the waiting limo. I’m tempted to ask him if he’s merely pretending to show me public affection for the benefit of anyone who’s watching or if he’s holding my hand because he wants to, but I won’t. I don’t want to know the answer. If it’s just an act, it might hurt.

Inside the limo, I expect for Alexander to pull away from me, but he doesn’t. We ride to the gala side by side, still holding hands like a happily married couple.

As we pull up to the building the party is being held in, Alexander turns his head toward me while wearing a devilish smirk. “You ready to try this again, or are you ready for round two?”

meet the author

Michelle A. Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotic and New Adult romance. Her love of hard-rock music, tattoos, and sexy musicians inspired her erotic BLACK FALCON series.

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