BLOG TOUR & REVIEW – “Finding a Way” by T. E. Black

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I am finally free.

This is my chance for a fresh start. 
My chance to live the way I want to. 
Boston is my destination.


Just when I think things are going to get better from here, I meet him.


Malcolm Davis.
He is the image of masculinity, with rough edges I would love to soften. Although I wonder what it would be like to be with a man like him, I know it would never work. But, I do know two things, ever since I met him, I’m happy and he makes me feel safe. Both of those things lured me into taking a chance. I mean what’s life without taking any chances? It’s not much of a life without the risk of getting your heart broken.


I imagine that for Malcolm Davis, falling in love with someone would be akin to a hurricane; anything that stands in the path of what he wants; gets demolished.


Well, I guess my theory will be put to the test.


andra's review
Finding a Way is the debut book from author T. E. Black and I have to say for  a first book this one was a well written, interesting one.


Told in dual POV, Finding a Way tells the story of Callie and Mac, two twenty something people with a lot of baggage and their struggle to come to terms with their pasts and find a way to move forward. Callie is a girl who always had it all, rich parents who provided her with everything she needed, a guy who loved her more than anything, but who also caused her pain and an incredible BFF. But one night changes all that. Now we catch up with her three years after the tragedy which turned her life upside down. She’s ready to move on, finally being able to attend the college she had always wanted and move in with her BFF, Sierra and her boyfriend Evan. That’s how she meets Mac – the mysterious, tattooed guy who Sierra brought to help Callie move to Boston. Mac is Evan’s friend, but he’s also a man with a troubled past, a past that might make Callie think twice before getting together with him and in the end it might make or break their relationship. 


While I liked the blurb and the beginning of the story, after about 35% I felt like I’m reading a different book – I though the author rushed Callie and Mac’s relationship when she shouldn’t have. Mac had more of a troubled past than Callie and I would’ve wanted to see a more gradual chance in him than the one I was given – it was an overnight character change and for me that was a bit off putting. The ending felt rushed as well – I love plot twists, but this one happened and was resolved all in 2 chapters – I’m a sucker for groveling and the hero didn’t have to do any of that. 


The author’s voice was good through – she does a great male POV, and I loved reading Mac’s thoughts. The writing flowed effortlessly and it’s easy to follow – the balance between the heavy heartbreaking scenes and the more light, funny ones was just  perfect. Her erotic scenes were well done as well – they weren’t meant to shock but mainly used to move the story forward.


All in all, Finding a Way had a lot of potential, but for me it felt short on the character development aspect. I like the H/h changes to occur before my eyes, not behind the curtains, so that’s why my rating is on the lower side. With that being said, I will definitely read more from this author – I’m already waiting for Ry’s story 😉
3.5 stars
***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***






meet the author

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T.E. Black, also known as Tiffany, lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two dogs. She enjoys reading, coffee, writing, graphic design, camping, and has a weakness for designer purses and shoes.
Tiffany was inspired to write while she was reading her favorite romance novels. Her first novel, Finding a Way (Unexpected Love Series #1), was written within three months. Currently, she is writing her second novel, Finding Serenity (Unexpected Love Series #2), set to be released in late 2015 / early 2016.
Tiffany loves to hear from her fans through social media and encourages anyone who wants to gush about her favorite characters, Mac and Callie, to do so.

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