The Holly Project by K.A. Sterritt – Review


“One foot in front of the other. Breathe in, breathe out.”
Holly Ashton hasn’t celebrated her birthday since her mother passed away. Instead, it’s the one day of the year that she allows herself to grieve.
The rest of the year is spent pretending to be the strong and independent woman she wants to be.Professionally, she has it all together. A great job as an architect at Sydney’s most prestigious firm keeps her focused.
Her personal life is far less charmed. Emotionally detached from everyone other than her small circle of friends and family, relationships are a no-go zone.
Life is exactly how she wants it to be – until the day of her twenty-fifth birthday.
A chance encounter with Ryan Davenport, CEO of a property development firm, turns her tightly controlled life upside down.
Ryan is driven, ambitious and used to getting what he wants – and very unexpectedly, what he wants is the beautiful, smart-mouthed Holly Ashton.
When neither of them believes in happily ever afters, how are they supposed to find their own?


 “Maybe we were still on the same page – we’d just moved on to the next chapter.”
I was really lucky to win this book from another author, having not heard of KA Sterritt before.
I LOVE finding new authors and let me tell you, KA Sterritt is one to watch.

The prologue of this book really touched me. I dare anyone not to be moved by the events described in Holly‘s teenage years. Those events shaped Holly into the adult she becomes and cause her to close her heart to love and to life to some extent.
That’s until Ryan comes into her life, only he has some relationship issues to work through too.

This story is set in Australia which I found both refreshing and interesting. The way the author described the places within the books makes you feel like you are experiencing them first hand. I loved that.

The story is well paced, has great secondary characters and keeps you turning pages until the end.
My only (teeny tiny) criticism would be I wanted more from the ending. It felt a little rushed after the whole journey I’d already been taken on and some of the phrases used throughout the book were a little repetitive.
This does not distract from what is a really really great book and I cannot wait to see what this “new to me” author has in store for us all next.

I would totally recommend The Holly Project to anyone who loves a heartfelt, NA Romance.

yellow 4 star



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2 thoughts on “The Holly Project by K.A. Sterritt – Review

  1. I’m so glad you loved this book. I did too and have since had the absolute pleasure of meeting KA Sterritt in London earlier this year!
    I’m now looking forward to her next book Collision which will be published later this year.

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