Twenty One by E. S. Carter – Review


Fate kept placing Emma Campbell and Jake Fox in each others paths.
Fate also kept putting overwhelming obstacles in their way.
What fate didn’t realise is that Jake and Emma share a connection that is stronger than circumstance.
An intense bond that threatens everything they thought they knew about themselves, one that is only made stronger by a perfect day.

A perfect day where they both surrendered to the force of their feelings for one another.
A perfect day that ended in darkness and tragedy.

Jake is missing.
Emma is lost.
Lost in grief; lost in hopelessness.

Will fate finally grant them a chance to be together or will it tear them apart?

This is the second part in the “Love by Numbers” series and is a continuation of the story that began “Nineteen”.
It is not to be read as a standalone.
*Suitable for readers 18+ due to scenes of a sexual nature*


“Emma you know better than most how short life is. Live for the now, not the maybes or the what ifs or the what might bes.”

What a great follow up and conclusion to Emma’s story! E.S. Carter has done this amazing character justice and I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us with the next books in her Love by Numbers series.
I’m still trying to figure out what to say about this book so I will not spoil it for other readers. As we know, the previous story, Nineteen, ended with a terrifying cliffy and I was left wondering what has happened to Jake -is he or isn’t he alive – that’s a question I won’t answer and I’ll focus my review mainly on Emma and the author’s writing.

Twenty One follows Emma after the events from Nineteen – she’s grieving and hoping Jake is still out there – she refuses to think of the deadly outcome that might have happened because he tried to save her. Emma’s stronger than ever. In this book she’s even more mature than before – she listens to her heart, but every decision she takes is very well thought through. She follows her dreams, although those might have slightly changed – she’s still working in Ibiza, but when the opportunity arises to travel the world surrounded by the person/s she loves, she seizes it. Another quality a appreciated is her fierceness – she doesn’t believe everything she hears without listening to the person/s involved explain themselves. She goes after what she wants and leaves ‘dust’ in her way.

Another great thing about Twenty One is the supporting cast – we meet again with my favorite BFF, Liv and my favorite secondary character, Harry aka H. Them, together with Jake’s family are all there helping Emma along the way. Seeing the ‘loner’ Emma being surrounded by so many people who act like a family to her is truly incredible. She’s loved and she loves them in return and that’s what a true family is.

Told in the same dual POV as the previous book, Twenty One still follows the mirror pattern from Nineteen – each POV starts with the same phrase and I love that – it’s unique and it’s interesting to see the different interpretations of the same phrase. One thing E.S. Carter changed from Nineteen is the way the POVs work – if in the first book we got to see the same scene from both sides, here we only get a few bits here and there that are the same. Her writing is poetic and flows smoothly; witty dialogue, amazing character development, picturesque descriptions and lots of sensual scenes is what makes Twenty One a 5 star read and one that will stay with me forever. True love at its finest.

I can’t wait for Three, the next book in the series.

 5 star




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Avid reader and mother of 3, I previously worked in human resource management prior to becoming a stay at home carer and advocate for families of children with special needs.
I have been writing since childhood, the bookworm gene an abnormal manifestation as no-one else in my family is obsessed with books.
I’m happy to say I have passed this gene on to my youngest child who has been devouring books since the very day she could hold one in her hand 🙂
My debut novel ‘Nineteen’ released in April 2015 and the sequel ‘Twenty One’ in July. My third book ‘Three’ is due for release in November.
Please feel free to get in touch, I would love to hear from you ♥



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